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Zuckerberg’s ascension story starting in a homeland in Harvard

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is the fifth richest person in the world with a wealth of $ 63 billion despite his young age. Here is the success story of Zuckerberg, a 33-year-old who has been one of the strongest names in the world, starting in a homeland in Harvard.

Mark Zuckerberg was born and raised in Dobbs Ferry, a quiet town in New York. His father is a dentist, and his mother is a psychiatrist.

As a very intelligent child, Mark developed a messaging program called “Zucknet” at the age of 12. Instead of playing games at his young ages, he developed game programs for his friends. The music listening platform which he developed at the high school has brought great sound. Microsoft wanted to buy the platform, but Zuckerberg rejected the offer.

He is also addicted to the books as well as the computers. One of Zuckerberg’s favorite books, especially the classics, is The Odyssey of Homer. He was also the captain of the high school fencing team.

When he started Harvard University in 2002, he had already gained fame as a talented software developer. His first initiative was the application for sharing photos called ‘Face mash’ which was popular among school students. The application page has been displayed 22,000 times in the first four hours. However, the Harvard administration decided to remove it with the grounds that the practice threatened security.

He decided to set up Facebook, the largest social networking site of the world, in the homeland of Harvard University after chatting with his friends. He left the school to give all his time to Facebook.

Before leaving school, he met his current wife, Priscilla Chan, in a school party.

While Zuckerberg was still in his early 20s, his company’s value reached $ 13 million. Today about 2 billion people around the world use Facebook. The company earns billions of dollars every year with advertising revenues.

Zuckerberg entered the 29th place on the list of the world’s richest people after the public offering of Facebook shares in 2012.

The next day Zuckerberg married with his beloved Chan with a surprise party. The invitees thought they were invited to the party given to celebrate the graduation of Chan. Billie Joe Armstrong, the singer of the famous rock band Green Day, said their wedding songs. They went to Italy for the honeymoon. They stayed at an expensive five-star hotel, but they were seen at McDonald’s while eating hamburgers.

Zuckerberg knows Chinese at advanced level with the influence of his wife who is Chinese-savvy. Couple’s first baby Max was born in 2015. Zuckerberg shared the message “Very happy with my little family” from his Facebook account after his daughter’s birth.

Chan and Zuckerberg announced after the birth of their baby that they will sell 99 percent of their Facebook shares in the future and use the money for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative named institution for education and health of the children.  It is said that the donation they have made to the various institutions, including the San Francisco Hospital, is worth 1.6 billion dollars. Chan and Zuckerberg donated $ 3 billion to the project on the treatment of diseases last year.

Despite his wealth, Zuckerberg continues to live on modest conditions, and he does not give up on t-shirts and jeans. He chooses to use a $ 30,000 Volkswagen car instead of expensive cars. In fact he has a $ 1.3 million sports car. Zuckerberg was previously seen while using a Honda Fit car.

Zuckerberg, who loves to live his private life, bought a land worth $ 100 million in Hawaii in 2014. He also has a $ 45 million house at the heart of the technology world Palo Alto in Silicon Valley.

Zuckerberg is not always so lucky. In 2013, he wanted to buy Snapchat for $ 3 billion, but the company rejected his offer.

The story of Zuckerberg and Facebook was moved to the screen with the movie ‘The Social Network’ in 2010. Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg were starring in the movie which has eight Oscar nominations.

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