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Thank Goodness For Charity Shops

We went to a shopping centre the other day so I could try and find some trousers and I could put away my maternity clothes ready for next time. I didn’t want to spend a great deal, partly because we have very little money, but also because I expect to lose a little more weight so will have to buy more new clothes.

I never really lost weight between having my last baby and getting pregnant again so I had lots of clothes that hadn’t fit me for some time, I cleared these out while pregnant as I realised I hadn’t worn them for a couple of years! This left me with a wardrobe containing very little, I basically have my maternity clothes and the vintage stuff I couldn’t bear to get rid of.

Anyway, back to the shopping centre, it was a thoroughly depressing experience. I couldn’t find any sale items and the cheap clothes shops just had nothing that fit me. I know I have a belly but when I can’t squeeze into a size 18 pair of trousers there’s something wrong with their sizing. I gave up and thought I’d just stick with the maternity trousers.

Today we headed out for a walk and a mooch round the charity shops, I spotted a couple of pairs of size 16 trousers that looked fairly long (being tall is another issue) and they fit and were flattering, which my partner with agree to as I stuck my bum out of the changing room curtain and wriggled it at him! I was so happy, ridiculously pleased in fact. So I now have a couple of pairs of trousers and the Cancer Research shop has some money from me.

I once had a friend who not only wouldn’t buy anything from a charity shop but also refused to donate his old clothes because he couldn’t bear the thought of someone else wearing them. We had a huge discussion/argument about it. I just didn’t get it, what does it matter once they’re not yours anymore? It is such an unbelievable waste to throw clothes away that someone else could make use of, someone who may not have much money or perhaps they just like a bargain. So, if you haven’t had a clear out in a while perhaps you could consider doing it, someone else might be able to make use of what doesn’t fit you anymore or they might like those clothes that you can’t believe you bought in the first place!

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