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Snapchat Spectacles are on sale in Europe

Snapchat Eyewear performs its entry into the European market. Snapchat Eyewear goes on to expand into the world. Snapchat Eyewear, which has grown the user base every day, has entered the European market.

Snapchat Spectacle, which is expected to be sold with great curiosity, has entered the European market, Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona and Venice.

Snapchat Eyewear was first sold in 2016. These glasses, which have been sold for a great deal of attention since the first day of sale, eventually crossed America and reached Europe.

It can be purchased at Snapchatters online store in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and United Kingdom. The price of Snapchat Spectacles is between 130 and 150 euros.

The Spectacles, which is the first hardware product of Snapchat, was presented as a sunglass that allows you to capture short videos and easily share them on Snapchat.

You will be able to experience moments by recording these action-filled moments with ease and sharing them with your friends on your Snapchat account. Spectacles, with a 115-degree camera close to the human eye, can shoot videos in 10 seconds. For all commands there is only one button on the eyewear.

The Spectacles are camera-equipped, seamlessly connect to the Snapchat application and can record video 10 seconds at a time. This results in circular uploads and a truly hands-free video recording experience that’s excited brands and content creators alike.

Available in one size, Spectacles sunglasses are available in three colors: black, coral red and marine blue. The button on the left or top right starts recording once and stops automatically after 10 seconds. The created record is automatically transferred to your Snapchat application on your iOS device and it is ready for share.

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