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Ricoh Theta S 360 Degree Video Camera, Rs 39995 | Specifications Launched

Ricoh has launched a great 360 degree video camera which will enable you all to have a really great and awesome 360 degree video or to click a cool image in 360 degree imaging. With time we have observed many manufacturing companies are getting into race of establishing such great video cameras. We all must have seen 360 degree video earlier as a section in YouTube. But the bad news was that one cannot afford such high quality cameras to produce 360 degree videos.

But today Ricoh has made it possible by Theta S 360 degree video camera in really low price which can be afforded by the 360 degree video lovers. This Ricoh with this great establishment of Theta S camera enabled almost everyone to capture 360 degree videos.

Ricoh India has launched this great 360 degree featured video today. The camera that is installed into it is having great resolution and produce a 360 degree video around the user holding it. This having a Google API and thus is compatible with Google’s services too. This all is possible just because of open based spherical camera on it.

Ricoh Theta S 360 Degree Video Camera Snapshots

From the snaps you would have observed that how sleek and easy to handle it is. With this there is no problem in handling this device and capturing the video. In mobile phones these days you might feel difficult to capture videos, in fact difficult to handle because of large screens. Smart phones are little difficult to handle and requires both the hands support to capture a video. But here with this Ricoh Theta S camera you can capture 360 degree video single headedly.

This great device you are looking, might have a camera small in size or small in appearance but friends don’t just go onto its size, the quality and the specifications this awesome camera is having is priceless.

Specifications of this Ricoh Theta S 360 Video Camera

1080 HD @ 30 Frames per second
25 minutes max. Recording time
High Resolution Spherical images are clicked
14 Megapixels image quality
Enlarged image sensor
Lenses of focal length 2.0
Easily image uploaded to & shared by social media
Stream Live video with Built in USB or HDMI port
Built in memory 8 GB

What MD of Ricoh says about this Theta S 360 degree video camera

Manoj Kumra, MD & CEO of Ricoh India Ltd. Said, “Ricoh pioneered the spherical camera market & today  we are delighted to offer users increased value and richer 360 degree experiences with our new Ricoh Theta S. The improved camera is 4 times faster with enhanced image quality.”

Video Experience under testing of Theta S 360 degree video camera

Price of Ricoh Theta S 360 degree video camera in India

This great piece of Theta S 360 degree video camera will be available in market in December 2015 in just Rs 39,995. Hope you all liked this. For more such updates stay tuned or subscribe to our newsletters.

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