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Quite the hippy

When I was a teenager I would definitely have been described as a hippy, I had long hair and liked to sit in fields where I would pretend to meditate. My best friend and I went on walks to highlight the plight of the planet, we wanted to save the whales and even had hippy names for each other. Then I discovered bikers and beer and my hippy days seemed to slip away and I thought maybe I’m not a hippy after all.

As I’ve got older I’ve moved back towards what some would consider to be hippy tendencies. I know I do and quite frankly it’s a bit worrying. I’m starting to think this mellowing of my ideas is a part of getting older, but truly I know I am turning into a big hippy. And you know what? I’m OK with that really.

To be fair, it probably started with meeting Gareth. To begin with I mostly bashed the hippy out of him and now I’m prodding it back in (to be clear I mean metaphorically, I could never beat Gareth, it would be like hitting a puppy).

Today I have done something I never thought I would do. I have removed the beautiful antique bed from our room and replaced it with a massive mattress on the floor. This is because the baby is happiest when snuggled into my armpit, generally feeding throughout the night, and our toddler never lasts the entire night in his own bed and ends up sleeping with us. Since the baby was born Gareth has been camped out in the boys room as there wasn’t room for 4 of us in our bed and we didn’t want to risk the toddler tumbling out in the middle of the night. Now we can all fit in and there’s not far to tumble if the children get too close to the edge.

Much of my growing hippyness is a softening of my strident opinions. Having considered myself a complete atheist for years I’m starting to consider there is something more, not necessarily in a formal religious way but more of a spirituality.

We want to live on a narrowboat and spend our days playing in the woods which I suppose most people would consider to be quite high on the hippy scale. Mostly I want our impact on the planet to be minimal, I am aware that having a large family goes against this principle in many ways, but I hope I can raise environmentally aware and conscientious men.

Right now I am going to stop typing this post and I am going to crawl into bed and enjoy the freedom of relaxing my thoughts on sleeping places for me and my children.

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