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PC World – My Experience

This is a slightly different review as it’s not one I’ve been asked to do, but I feel so strongly about my experience of PC World that I feel compelled to write. If PC World would like to respond I’d be happy to hear from them.

My laptop broke a year or so ago and I’ve been using a mini one I managed to get second hand, this was fine but not great for photo editing which I do a lot of. We sold some bits on Ebay and got some money for Christmas so decided to invest in a new laptop.

My first issue starts here, I was happier researching the laptop I wanted online rather than in store, so chose the one I wanted then reserved it via the PC World website. When I got to the store I went to the collection desk, queued for ages and then was moved to a different desk, then taken to the laptop area of the store where I had to wait again for a member of staff. I discovered this was just so they could still do a sales pitch even though I knew the laptop I wanted.

The person serving me told me that there was no backup disc with the computer (this was useful to know) so I would need to buy a 32gb memory stick to do it. I could buy one in store for £20 or get one ready backed up for £30. I suspected I could buy a memory stick cheaper online (I could) so declined this offer and said I had a friend who could help me with this. I was told by the sales assistant that as Windows 8 is a new operating system they probably wouldn’t be able to do it, I assured them we would manage.

I was then talked through the package that comes with the laptop, I was told it was very basic and the sales assistant’s exact words were “it doesn’t even come with Wordpad”. Again, I declined to buy software there and then (£110) as I wanted to research it a bit, I mostly use the laptop for writing the blog, editing photos and being sociable on Facebook and Twitter so was not sure which software I would need.

When it came to paying we had an issue as we had voucher gift cards and we could only use 3 cards so had to pay more in cash than we wanted to. There was another sales pitch for their online support (£9.99) which they thought we would need for help with setting up the laptop.

Upon getting home I did find Windows 8 quite different to what I was used to, but found that by playing around and using Google to search for things I wasn’t sure about I soon got used to it. While doing this the computer popped a helpful thing up reminding me to backup the computer which it does as a tutorial so it’s easy to do myself, therefore there is no need whatsoever to pay £30 for PC World to do it for me.

Then while looking for programmes I discovered that the computer does have Wordpad on it, so again I was lied to by sales staff.

I fully understand that these places want to make more money by selling extras and that the staff probably rely on these up-sales to make up their wages but being lied to in this way makes me not trust them at all and doesn’t encourage me to return, which is a shame as just by being friendly and helpful I probably would have done.

So PC World, is it normal policy for your staff to work in this way?

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Abi January 6, 2014 at 8:52 am · Reply →
Corinne please email there ho and tell them all of this.its very wrong of the staff to try and do this.ill tell you later what happened tomum over Christmas in an other store ,I don’t realy want to put it on here so can you either send me your email or ll tell your mum then she can pass it on to you.but again for both of you it’s disgusting behaviour.i don’t know what’s happened to customer service but we realy don’t seem to have any anymore.i hope you get along ok now,if it helps hubby is a it guy and I’m sure if you need any help he’d be more than happy to help you.

Roger Bunting
Roger Bunting January 7, 2014 at 2:31 am · Reply →
Don’t be too hard on the staff – they’re probably on minimum wage and need to sell extras to commission up their pay.
(Didn’t PC World go out of business last year for a while?)
Like Dixons staff used to have to sell insurance with their goods as that was the only way they could get decent pay.
Bloody annoying though – just don’t buy anything you don’t want to.

Mrs Teepot
Mrs Teepot January 16, 2014 at 6:27 pm · Reply →
I hear nothing but bad things about PC World tbh, better off buying elsewhere imo and all the techy people I know steer well clear of PC World for anything.
Hope you do hear from them and they at the very least apologise.

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