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Stylishness race in the red color of the Cannes Film Festival

The 70th Cannes Film Festival this year began with the mad-art movie of Arnaud Desplechin, Ismael’s Ghosts. Stylish stars were out in full force rocking dazzling designs. The Opening Gala was the race scene of the stars’ styling.  The 10-day long festival has already seen

Longest-running marriages of Hollywood

Marriage is a kind of experience which is easy to start, but difficult to continue. Starting with the hopes of happiness, the marriage of some people lasts only a few hours, while others are able to be together and happy until death. This marriage business

How Moms Can Balance Work and Family?

In modern life, women are in the workforce as many as never before. According to the Center for American Progress nearly 4 in 10 women are in working life. Being a working mother is a much more difficult job than coping with annoying bosses or customers

Spring style questions

Yes, new season officially started with sakura flowers. What about your wardrobe? Is it ready for the new season? With the blossoms of the sakura trees and most of the other fruit trees, we started to smell the fresh spring weather. Spring has sprung but

It is possible to be Strong and Empowered while wearing Pink

because they don’t suit your skin tone/hair color/penchant for wearing head-to-toe black. But pink is altogether more political; more likely to be dismissed because of what it might say about you. A woman who wears pink can’t be taken seriously, right? But that would be

Dr Joanna Helcke (Interview & Review)

Dr Joanna Helcke very kindly gave me access to her fitness programme after the baby was born, the exercises are ideal for postnatal women and the programme has been carefully designed for this purpose. Joanna took some time to answer some questions for me, I