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Offline Google Maps With Directions Launched

In this growing era of technology Google the best of the best has launched a great and the most amazing offline feature of its Google Maps.

Offline Google Maps

Which can easily help the people searching for the directions where they want to reach easily even without the internet. Yes, you all heard it correct, without internet! Strange???

You all might be having many questions in your mind. Like, how? Without internet How we could locate ourself and locate the location we want to reach with directions? How this all is possible?

But friends with rising trend of technology the internet Giant has made it possible by launching its Google maps offline version to get one by one directions. One living in an area where the internet connections were weak it was difficult for them to have such usage of Google maps. But now there is no problem for them at all as they could easily use this great offlie feature of google maps.

Recently in may google has previewed its offline feature functioning in its developer conference. In November itself they have started giving this amazing features to their users.

How this offline feature of google map works? ? ?

It is said in a blog post by google, “ You can download the map of an area in you mobile phone and then whenever the next time you are going to on it without net connectivity then wherever you are on any holiday then don’t worry even if you are in some underground area where no net signals are there , the Google maps in your mobile will continue to work without any interruption.”

So, from this we could easily observe that this ideas is that the mobile will in some way download all the locality maps in your mobile and will show you the location without any net connection, Enabling the Offline feature of google maps to work amazingly perfect.

Few months back also we have seen the similar feature of youtube of giving offline video without buffering, It was really great. With same feature, that once downloaded, then the video can be seen multiple times on any device you like.

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Best advantage of Google Offline feature

I have observed that students or the youth when on their vacations to some new place are much more dependent on the google maps as it is really convenient to use. So they all with this best offline feature of google maps one can easily use it. So when the students are not having net packs or net connections they can easily figure out the locations. It is really great. And will help not only the youth but to each and every age group.

If any of you used this great offline feature then please do share your reviews or your views with us. For more amazing releases and news stay tuned with us or Subscribe to our latest newsletters.

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