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My First Day Alone

My first day alone with the children ended up being delayed as I had forgotten that my mother and step-father were coming to visit. We had a wonderful couple of days, it was great having support and help with the children. We went out to some lovely places and they spoilt me with lots of delicious food.

Yesterday morning I took them to my favourite breakfast café for a full English before they left for their long drive home. After breakfast I said goodbye to them in the car park, I was a little tearful and went for a coffee nearby before driving home. When I got back to my car my toddler was asking for his “dandad” and “nana”, he had loved them being around.

Once home I played with puzzles with my toddler while breastfeeding the baby. I then tried to make lunch. My partner had managed to find the special ‘cremate’ function on the toaster again, so lunch was burnt, the baby was crying, the toddler was grumpy and then I realised the baby had done an explosive poo that had gone through his clothes. I stood in the kitchen and sobbed, thinking I couldn’t handle this. Then I pulled myself together, dealt with things one at a time and felt much better.

I asked for advice on a baby website I chat on and was given some tips about how to cope with a toddler and newborn baby and thought it might be helpful for others if I shared them here. I’m sure there are more tips and not all of these will be relevant to everyone, but they’re a good start.

1.       Get up and dressed before your toddler is up so that you are ready to face the day.

2.       Attend local playgroups and baby groups so that you’re not stuck in all day. Even a short trip to the park is good otherwise you and your toddler will end up grumpy with each other.

3.       Have access to a double buggy or a car so it’s possible to get out.

4.       Stock up on craft bits so that you have activities to do if the weather is wet.

5.       Accept that you may not always be able to get to them as quickly as you’d like, if they are both upset decide who to deal with first and just concentrate on them.

6.       Chose easy meals to cook until the baby is bigger.

7.       Constantly praise the toddler for good behaviour and explain what’s going on if things are delayed for some reason.

8.       Get the nappy bag ready the night before.

9.       Get yours and the children’s clothes organised the night before.

10.   Do a big monthly online shop and stock up on other bits as you need them.

Today was my first day alone with the children. My partner has just got home and while the house is a bit of a mess I am not a complete wreck and the children are content. I got up, showered and dressed before my partner left for work and we made sure the children were dressed too. My toddler had woken up very early so he had a mid morning nap. When he woke up we had lunch and then planned to go to the park. At this point I discovered there was something wrong with the front door so it wouldn’t open, I could get out into the back garden but I couldn’t get down the side path! Our enforced afternoon in turned out to be OK, we snuggled up on the sofa and watched a DVD together.

Tomorrow we are going out to a nearby park, there’s a picnic event on for Breastfeeding Awareness Week. It’ll be good to get out and it’s nice to have a plan for the day. Then it’s the weekend again!  I want to make sure I’m enjoying my midweek time and am not living for the weekend, however, I really am looking forward to a weekend with my partner and the children.

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