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Lost in the Woods with a Half Inflated Mattress

At the weekend we had a few days camping at Dernwood Farm in Sussex, it was a last minute trip so that we could visit my Dad. At this point I could blame the fact that I was stressed and it was last minute on the fact that I was disorganised, however, it is a chronic condition for me.

Hello, my name is Corinne and I am chronically disorganised.

This meant on the first night of camping the following things happened:

  1. We had nothing to light a fire with
  2. At 9pm we hadn’t eaten
  3. The van got stuck in a field & we had to be towed out
  4. We forgot to take a torch
  5. We got lost in the woods (in the dark) with a half inflated mattress

I had even attempted to be organised, I had gone shopping in the morning for a meal that would be quick to cook, I opted for a chicken & vegetable stir fry, however, lack of newspaper or dry kindling meant no fire so no possibility of cooking. I knew the van would get stuck when I parked it in the field, because it’s rubbish on soft, wet ground and yet a chose to ignore my instincts.

After being towed out, finding chips and returning to the site we realised it really is quite dark in the woods at night, I know we’re forest school leaders (oh, the shame of these events) but it’s usually day time when we’re in the woods and we have a nice big box of stuff we take with useful things like kindling and fire strikers.

Anyway, we survived and even as we were wandering lost in a strange woodland, Gareth carrying my air bed on his head, the dog’s lead tangled in the buggy wheel, the baby screaming and us stepping in muddy puddles up to our knees, we knew we would laugh about it one day. Just not at that moment.

Oh, and my Dad? He’s doing really well.

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