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Last night as I despaired of my inability to cook a jacket potato in a normal amount of time I turned to Twitter for advice, lots of people said they cooked theirs for a few minutes in the microwave and then put them in the oven to crisp up. This does sound like a useful quick option but unfortunately we have no microwave. I say unfortunately, but it’s a choice I made not to have one. Mostly because it rarely got used.

The other thing we don’t have is a freezer, we had one for a while and it was useful for the odd time I made too much of something, but again it got used so rarely it wasn’t worth the cost of running. So we no longer have a freezer.

We also don’t have TV. I say TV rather than a TV as we have a TV attached to a DVD player so we can watch films but we made the decision years ago not to have a TV licence so we do not watch it. I have to do a regular declaration to the TV licencing people to state we do not watch live TV. I confess part of my reason for this is so I don’t sit and watch rubbish TV all day, which I probably would even though none of it interests me! If there’s anything in particular I fancy watching I watch online the next day and I do have a bad habit of watching Jeremy Kyle (the shame).

Now whilst I don’t need those things, there are other items, especially in my kitchen that I love and would hate to be without.

I adore my Kenwood Chef, my mum bought it as a wedding present for me when I married my (ahem) first husband 14 years ago. It must have been a big deal for my mum to buy something so expensive which makes me love it all the more, as I know she wanted to get something that would last me a lifetime. I don’t use it every day or even every week but I love using it to bake.

The other kitchen essential for me is a coffee machine. I love proper coffee and don’t buy instant, I love having a coffee in the morning and the whole process of making it.

So, I thought I would ask all of you, what can you live without and what items make your life easier?

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Abi April 24, 2012 at 2:04 pm · Reply →
Impressed with you not having a TV! We have one now, but I was brought up without one which I think resulted in us playing outdoor a lot, plus me and my siblings have all been keen readers. The only down side is that in quizzes and games I’m rubbish at the TV knowledge questions!

The thing that I could live without is my Kenwood Food Processer…. Which takes up an entire cupboard with all it’s attachments. I wish I’d got a Kenwood Chef instead! It rarely gets used as it makes so much washing us – I’d rather just mix by hand.

Corinne April 24, 2012 at 2:29 pm · Reply →
Abi, I’ve had 2 Kenwood food processors, both bought on a whim and both got rid of for those very reasons. They’re a nice idea but a bit of a pain really!

Ross Mountney
Ross Mountney April 24, 2012 at 7:26 pm · Reply →
It is amazing what we can live without! It is also amazing what our kids can live without in terms of ‘stuff’. What they cannot live without is their mum’s love, time and attention – far better than watching TV! Funny – we just had a jacket potato for tea too!

helloitsgemma May 1, 2012 at 9:58 pm · Reply →
I have a breville hand blender thing – which is great, it is more great because breville gave it to me. I broke the bowl on my last one and I moaned on twitter for a new bowl and then sent me a better whole new one.
I would love one of those very expensive kitchen aid mixers – but can’t imagine I’d ever own one.
Love my microwave mostly for ready meal treats and hot chocolate in a jiff!

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