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iPhone 7 AirPods release date, feature, specifications

iPhone 7 is coming with package to features like no headphone jack, waterproof body, new lightning EarPods and wireless AirPods. The new iPhone 7 is most likely to be launch in September 2016 that will be Friday. The new iPhone 7 will be in the range of £539 to £619 according to 16 GB or 64 GB version. The design of new iPhone 7 will be similar to that of 6 and 6 plus, which is usually comes in same apple S case model. Although it’s very likely too that iPhone 7 AirPods release date, feature will come up in gold, silver, space grey and rose gold. Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster told that in the new designed iPhone 7 they will do way the home button, instead relying on the 3D touch screen which is currently introduced in 6S. After removing the home button they will utilize the additional space on the screen which will give thin and bigger display looks. Below here we will share some information iPhone 7 AirPods release date, feature, specifications.

iPhone 7 AirPods specifications

Battery 3100mAh
Storage 32 GB to 128 GB
Processor A10 and embedded M10 motion co-processor
Rear Camera 12MP iSight
Screen Range 5.1 to 5.7

iPhone 7 AirPods release date, feature

Here we will talk about iPhone 7 AirPods release date, feature which would be near about September 2016. One of the radical design changes concerns home button, which is eliminated and replaced by virtual home button. The touch ID fingerprint sensor is imbedded in a tiny Apple logo under the biger edge to edge display. The iPhone 7 features an aluminum unibody that lacks plastic antenna lines. Below here in the video of iPhone 7 AirPods release date, feature you can see some close looks of iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 AirPods , features

  • Wireless charging: Apple watches has used wireless inductive charging since it’s launch in last year. iPhone 7 could be also be the first to lauch wireless charging.
  • Slimmest design : iPhone 7 is designed about thickness of 6mm
  • A10 chipset: the iPhone 7 new next AX chipset will probably be called as A10. Intel team is working on 73600 LTE modem chip designed to talks to carriers of 4G networks. So that intel can win an LTE chipset contract from Apple. Currently Qualcomm supplies LTE chips to iPhones.
  • iPhone 7 AirPods : this time company has decided to move on from old Headphone jack, this will creates need of new alternative that’s why they supplu new earpods with iPhone 7.
  • iPhone 7 display: this time Apple boosted the resolution of its handset and would take a full HD resolution on the 4.7-inch iPhone 7

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