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I Am Fascinating

Writing a blog is a perfect exercise in self-absorption and I don’t necessarily think this is a negative or unhealthy thing. Over time since starting to write a blog I’ve realised that no-one is going to find me as endlessly fascinating as I do, but at the same time I am constantly amazed (and thrilled) that people read, follow and comment on my blog.

I don’t tend to talk about anyone thing in particular, but just my life with my family, which includes having 3 boys so I suppose my blog comes under the generic title of Mummy Blogger. Some people are offended by this title, but I see no reason to be, I am a Mother and I write a blog. My blog contains much talk of children as much of my life is spent around my boys.

In a similar vein this year I am taking part in the 365 project (see the link of the right hand side of the page if you want to see my project). I recently realised that I could endlessly look at the photos I have taken and I love them all, however, this isn’t because they are fabulous photos (though I don’t think they are too shoddy) but rather because of the memories attached to them. They are a reminder of what I was doing that day and a snapshot of my life that I will treasure. If other people look at them and like them that is lovely too. I also hope that my photography skills will improve over the year.

Until recently I was a member of the Tots100 which ranks blogs, I don’t completely understand how they do this, even though I have watched the video. however, I found my ranking every month was become an area of stress and something I worried about. So this month I made the decision to leave the Tots100 and to just continue to wrote. The thing I’ve realised is that I love writing this blog, I absolutely love it. I love it even more when people read and comment and if they say it has helped my heart soars. But if they didn’t read, I would still write it because it makes me happy.

Plus, it’s where I store my memories, because I know all too soon my lovely little boys will be big boys and the little things are the hardest things to recall.

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