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How to have a baby…

I heard that Kirsty of Eeh Bah Mum blog had written a book about having babies so was keen to have a read, Kirsty’s blog is wonderful and funny and makes you nod along in recognition and I hoped the book would be the same. I can say now that I wasn’t disappointed.


In fact I can safely say this is the best baby book I’ve ever read.

How to Have a Baby and Not Lose Your Shit does not tell you how to write a birth plan, or how to change a nappy. It does not tell you how you should feed your baby or how to make it sleep through the night. It does something much better than that, it tells you how to make the change from having a career to being a mother without losing your mind.

To be fair it’s probably a bit late for me, but if I was going to give a book to a new mum this is the one I would pick. In fact, my step-sister, who is yet to become a mother, will be getting this book now I’ve read it (because I’m pretty sure babies aren’t far off and I only feel it’s right to help her feel prepared).

Not only did Kirsty offer brilliant advice, she did it with enough humour to make me laugh out loud.

I really like that it’s written from the perspective of a mother who didn’t feel overly maternal, she didn’t adore children and makes it clear that it’s quite normal to like your own kids more than other people’s.

There are chapters on stupid things people say to women, how having babies is (and isn’t) like work, how to make friends and more. I feel like I should share at least one quote from the book to give you a taster, opening to a page at random, I will leave you with this gem about how being a stay at home mother is similar to work, but why it’s even better (I think)…

Imagine working for a boss you were so smitten with they could literally vomit into your face and you’d still think they were amazing. I mean, I’ve had some pretty great bosses but I definitely think I would have drawn the line at them sitting on my knee and pooing on my J Brands

I was sent this book for review, all opinions are mine. The book can be purchased via Amazon and makes a great gift for new parents (well, ones who don’t mind swearing and have a kick-ass sense of humour).

Adding that the book is available from 30th November 2015!

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