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Home Ed Ups and Downs

We’ve got out of our routine over the past couple of weeks while our car has been broken down. This morning I was trying to get them all ready to head out to the home ed playgroup we go to and none of them were cooperating. My 6 year old was refusing to get dressed, none of them would get shoes on and I was feeling exhausted after a week of very little sleep.

It reached a point where I burst into tears and just wanted to send them to school. Surely my life would be easier if I let someone else take over for the day? Why am I doing this to myself?

I finally got them out of the house and to playgroup. As soon as we were there they ran off to play, thrilled to be there. I went to make a cup of tea, then my friend Fi came and gave me a big hug (where I cried again) and I had a little rant about what little sods they’d been. We compared leaving the house nightmares.

During the group, while the boys happily played, I chatted with a couple of other parents about home ed. We shared our experiences and our reasons for doing it. By the end I felt positive again and was reminded why we want to do this.

It’s rare for me to have a bad home ed day, but they do happen. It’s the bad days that I really wish I had family close by, it would really help to have some extra support. I suppose there’s the extra thing of having a small baby, at the moment it’s so full on. I am needed 24/7 and I’m not getting a break day or night. This won’t be for long, before I know it the baby won’t need feeding every couple of hours and won’t need me all the time. I just have to remind myself of this now and again!

We’ve got home and the boys have done some crafts with their big brother and we’ve practiced our nativity play that we’re doing to surprise their daddy! I will share the results of the play when we’ve done it, I may even video it.

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