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Going For Walks

One of the reasons we bought a dog was to encourage me to go out for walks. I do love being outdoors and enjoy walking but I have struggled to get out since having my third baby. However, I have recently been making a really big effort to get outdoors every day. It is good for all of us, but the toddler and the dog love it the most.

I tend to drive to a nice area and then walk as there’s nowhere really lovely to go within walking distance of where we live. This is partly because we live in a city that is made of hills and I don’t cope well with hills!

This time I drove to a park not too far away, I like it because it has a lovely cafe for lunch, a park with a stream and a woodland walk just over the road. We got there desperate to eat so I headed straight for the cafe, where I found highchairs and tied up the dog. It was a really hot day and to be honest I would rather be under cover on warm days, either in the house or in the woods. We had lunch, getting hotter by the moment, and then went for a walk.

The walk through the park is lovely but I took a slightly different route without realising that the path went along a high ledge with the stream below, this became a little stressful as I was worried the toddler would fall in whilst doing his obsessive throwing-things-in-the-water. We made it through this part then I needed to get the dog back on the lead so we could cross the road to the woodland walk. She was a little reluctant but did come to me in the end.

When we got to the woodland part the toddler decided he didn’t want to come along with me and ignored my requests to keep walking (and didn’t want to go in the buggy), the dog went totally insane and ran backwards and forwards and jumped up at someone else’s small child. She doesn’t bite but is still a puppy and is a bit too mouthy for my liking. She then refused to come back to me when called and then when I did catch her tried to nip me for trying to put the lead on.

By this point the toddler was still refusing to come to me and I had lost patience. The toddler was grabbed and put in the buggy and I stormed back to the van. The whole way back the dog happily wagged her tail like nothing had happened but the toddler cried “go to woods”.

I have possibly realised that attempting a trip out when hungry and over tired is probably not the best plan. They were probably no worse than usual but my patience was not there. Who would believe that these two cute beings were causing me such a headache?!

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