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Fishy Fishy Fishy

Keeping fish brings a few things to mind for me.

1. My big brother, Dominic. He had a big tropical tank in his room, he saved his money to buy it and the fish, I still remember the sound of it bubbling away.

2. Goldfish from funfairs. I’m sure we had at least one of these short-lived fish as children.

3. My ex-husband who wanted a bathroom wall fish tank with one way mirrors so you could see through to the room beyond from the bathroom but not back into the bathroom.

I was asked if I’d like a fish tank to review and forgetting that my best friend is scared of fish so will never visit me again, I agreed. My 4 year old is a bit of a Peppa Pig fan at the moment so thinks fish are great pets because Peppa has one.

The company is called Swell UK and they sent me a link to a selection of tanks and I chose the Fluval Edge because I liked the fact that it was raised off the side and was a nice looking thing to have in the house. I really like that the tank comes with most of the things it needs, so there’s no need to factor in the cost of lights and filters separately. The only extras are substrate (stones for the bottom), ornaments, fish and food. We also needed to buy a heater as we decided to get tropical fish.

The tank arrived quickly via courier and came with clear and simple instructions on how to set it up. You need a few days to set it up before adding fish so if you have small children like mine, be prepared for hourly questions on when the fish are coming.

The tank we have has white and blue lights both of which look gorgeous on. It also has a glass top which is mostly sealed, this is also great when you have children as they can’t put stuff into the tank (I know they’d try!). If you maintain the tank regularly by replacing a little water every week it won’t often need cleaning, a small magnetic cleaner would be a useful addition.

The Swell UK website is clear to navigate and they were helpful answering questions from a novice fish keeper. The tank is still a little bare, we just have 3 small fish but will be getting more and a plant. The boys like watching the fish and it looks lovely lit up in the evening!

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