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Fire Trucks

Since 1974, Volkan Group has been producing fire trucks and equipments, serving in massive production bases where thousands of people work today.

The firm that makes sales to many countries of the world, especially Turkey, is one of the most active companies using technology. Volkan Group carries out maintenance and repair of these equipments, including pumps, monitors, winders and all the fire equipment that may come to mind.

The company, which is in direct communication with the fire brigade agencies in turkey, offers many equipment for these institutions.

Instead of firefighting from narrow streets, the company produces fire trucks that are more agile and manoeuverable, using superior technology in all parts of the fire truck. Partnership agreements with universities and technology companies in many countries of the world, especially Turkey, have been signed and aimed to meet the needs of all equipments. It should be remembered that these equipments are composed of operational and electronic equipment.

The Volkan Group continues to make a difference with its powerful, high and fast maneuvering fire trucks, aluminum and steel pumps, galvanized aluminum winches and full electronic monitors.

It has excellent effect in temperature range of -35 to +55 degrees. Fire trucks provide access to the scene easily and in a very short time, minimizing the reaching time. Due to its functionality, it expands to a very high level through a fire. It can be considered not only a fire vehicle, but also an excellent protection tool.

As well as street washing systems are integrated and can also be used for special irrigation projects if desired.

You can supply fire engines with 6000 liters of single or double pump system with your desired engine power. As well as a 3000 liter spare tank unit, and it is easy to see how important technology is used at this point.

With the centrifugal pump and foam tank it can be seen that this field is an important option. In addition to fire trucks, fire equipment is manufactured using technology in front of other brands. Fire equipment with control panel, CAF system, EFP 500 technology and ARFF technology.


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