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Ferocious W MOTORS 900HP FENRY SUPERSPORT- a 400km/h, details, price, gallery

Ralph R Debbas the founder of W motors in Beirut has taken a step ahead by launching its new FENYR supersport after getting tremendous response to its first LYKAN HYPERSPORT in the market. The LYKAN hypersport is described as a perplexing car with intense design and most fashionable features specially the additional option of embeddable diamonds for the lovers of cars who are fond of speed and want to see unique beast in their garage collection. Recently ABU DHABI POLICE enlist 770-HP, $3.4 MILLION LYKAN HYPERSPORT into patrol duty.

The LYKAN hypersport performance figures are alike to that of Bugatti Veyron super sports, which is powered by a mid-rear positioned, twin turbochargers flat-six engine producing 750 horsepower making 0-100 km/h (62mph) just in 2.8 seconds with estimated top end of 395 km/h (245mph). The FENYR SUPERSPORT design is somewhat alike to LYKAN hypersport, but there are many precise cuts, breaks and angles across carbon fiber making it extreme aerodynamics and intense eye looks. FENYR new front and rear light designs makes it masterpiece of art and design.

Have a look on the new for of this Ferocious W MOTORS 900HP FENRY SUPERSPORT

FENYR SUPERSPORT make global debut in DUBAI

Exorbitant price tag of $3.4 million for LYKAN hypersport is not just for its crunchy performance but for added value of sleek design with first car to have headlights with embedded gold and surrounds encrusted with diamonds.
Headlight contain titanium LED blades with 420 diamonds along with selection option of rubies, diamonds, yellow diamonds and sapphires. With money they didn’t done yet eventually company provides interior boasts gold-stitched leather and new inventions of instrument panel which W motors calls “Virtual Holographic Display”. Arabic symbol for seven inspires the car’s angular styling, which is ‘’V’’ and which is considered as luckiest number. That why W motors has launched only seven limited LYKAN hypersport cars.


900 Horsepower W motors FENYR SUPERSPORT revealed- engine specification

Under the hood LYKAN hypersport comes with built-in-twin-turbo with 3.7 L flat six cylinder producing 708 pound feet torque and 552 KW- 750 HP driven by six speed sequential gear or seven aped dual clutch PDK transmission. Fuel consumption for city driving is around 12 mpg (20L/100km) however it is around 23 mpg (10L / 100km) with 311 g/km CO2 emission.

Well talking about the new beast W motors FENYR SUPERSPORT designed by team headed by Anthony Jannarelly is much more than one could ever imagen. Masterpiece of carbon fiber is purely based on power, speed and performance with limited edition of 25 units per year.
Custommade FENYR SUPERSPORT is powered by flat six cylinder of total 4 L twin turbo driven by 7 speed double clutch gearbox delivering 900 HP and 1200 NM of torque for extreme performance. That put the FENYR SUPERSPORT from 0-100 km/h under 2.7 seconds with top end exceeding 400 km/h. High performance of FENYR SUPERSPORT by built by technical partners Magna Steyr Italy and RUF automobile Germany.

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