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Facebook new breakup tool feature helping you to get over your Ex. Bf or Gf

New feature from facebook not only sounds interesting but it is really more easy to use. This new feature of Facebook is to help you to get over your Ex. Bf or Gf. What is basically happening in this feature is that you can easily avoid the feeds from your Ex. Without letting he or she know about it. Without letting them know it means that there is no need to unfriend or block them up.

But now if for any reason or why you are no more in relation and you want to forget him or her and avoid all his or her feeds and updates on facebook then this great new feature of facebook will help you in doing this.Finally it is a great news for those who are unfortunately going through the hard time and trying to forget their Ex Boyfriend or girlfriend. We all have used this social giant in sharing every our life’s moments with all our friends and lover through just a single click. We have also displayed as public our relationship status as in relation with “You Bf or Gf.”

It is great to hear that now with growing technology the social media is helping us to avoid our Ex. Without even letting them know.

How this facebook new breakup tool feature to avoid you Ex. Bf or Gf Works

Friends this great feature is so easy to use that you can use it though your smart phones either. In this feature when you change your status from a relation to any of the other option then a box will appear and it will prompt automatically and guide you in every single step very easily and simple ways.

This breakup tool from facebook will help you to avoid all comments, updates, feeds, shares, tags and likes form your Ex. And make you feel good.

More Great feature of this great Breakup tool from facebook

Another really cool feature of this facebook breakup tool is that it will help you to disable your partner to get any of your updates without blocking him or her. Is’nt it  a great feature.

Have look on video of Facebook new break-up tool test

Hope you liked this new feature and try it. If having any doubt do let us know from the comment box below.

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