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It is possible to be Strong and Empowered while wearing Pink

because they don’t suit your skin tone/hair color/penchant for wearing head-to-toe black. But pink is altogether more political; more likely to be dismissed because of what it might say about you. A woman who wears pink can’t be taken seriously, right? But that would be

melatonin is so much more than that…

it is also one among the body’s strongest cancer murders. Reports show melatonin enhances the immunity system. Also it also improves melanoma survival rates.1 And fresh investigation establishes that melatonin inhibits the advancement of breast cancer cancers. In a laboratory at Michigan State University, experts

Diet to Clear Acne

My way to cure acne is to provide my body with lots of vitamins and minerals. I do it with eating lots of fruits. I prefer green ones like kiwi or apples, because they have a little amount of sugar. Okay, anyway, here I am