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Baby Wearing

I usually transport the baby in the big pram, but from time to time the sling comes in useful. I recently disovered that some people call carrying the baby around in the sling ‘baby wearing’.

There are things I like about using the sling and things I dislike. He likes it because he’s close to me and experiences the same type of movement as when he was in the womb so when he’s in the sling he is more settled. If he needs feeding I am able to feed him and continue walking around. It allows me to have my hands free for doing other things and allows me to have my toddler in the buggy as he is still too small to be walking very far.

I dislike the fact that my big bust means I have to carry him fairly low down, plus I find he gets quite heavy after a while, I’m not sure how people manage to carry larger babies for any length of time. I do get a bit anxious that I might knock his head on something, I am terribly clumsy.

On the whole I think slings are a good idea, I’m not sure I like the term baby wearing, it makes him sound a bit too much like an accessory. Babies want to be close to people, it must be strange for them to suddenly alone after the womb. They are tiny for such a short period of time I’m happy to keep him close and will make the most of the sling and all the cuddles I want.

Today I had him in the upright position in the sling rather than cradled, this actually turned out to be a more comfortable way of carrying him and meant he was higher up and there was less chance of me knocking his head on door frames.

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