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Baby Led Weaning

Now the baby is 10 months old I thought I would share my experience of weaning.

When my eldest (now 13) was a baby it was recommended you wean at 3 months using pureed food. Then 10 years later with my second I was told wean at 4-6 months, I had heard of baby-led weaning but didn’t feel confident that I knew enough about it so again went along the route of pureed food. With the youngest I researched baby-led weaning and decided to give it a go.

The teen has always been good with food in terms of the range of foods he likes to eat, he adores pasta but also loves things like sushi, whelks, snails and anything else slightly strange. He is an absolute pleasure to eat out with and he and I regularly go out just the two of us.

The toddler is at the picky and difficult stage, but as I discussed on here recently I try not to make an issue of it.

The baby has always been a hungry one and holding off weaning until 6 months was hard going, however, I now firmly believe it was the best thing to do in terms of getting him used to food and textures. He absolutely loves food and it is a joy to feed him, he has started to reject some foods, but I give him a selection and he seems to try a bit of everything.

I started by giving him sticks of cooked vegetables, or raw vegetables like avocado. He loved broccoli from the start and still does. Avocado he loved but now refuses. At 10 months he is now eating what we eat and he loves feeding himself, in fact yesterday morning he refused his breakfast until he could feed himself. He did really well, it wasn’t too messy, have some before and after photos of a happy self feeding baby!

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