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Amazing Women

When I was younger I didn’t have many female friends, I always felt I was odd for not having much in common with the women I knew. Being a biker and a bit of a petrol head I tended to get on with men much more easily. As I’ve got older I’ve grown to appreciate female company, but have also managed to meet women who I find it easier to connect with (largely thanks to social media).

Recently I have been thinking about all the amazing women I know, today I have been lucky enough to spend time with two of them. This morning I saw Emma who runs her own business as a florist. She’s positive, funny and kind. Every time I see her (which isn’t often) I think I must make an effort to do it more.

This afternoon I went to see Sam (of who is recovering from a major operation. Not only does Sam run a business with her husband, she campaigns tirelessly to raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and is raising three fantastic kids. She was also the woman who supported me through labour with my last baby and took beautiful photos for us.

As I drove home from Sam’s house I was thinking about all these women I know, especially the ones that are self-employed. What is it that makes them stand out as business women? That makes me admire them and feel proud to count them as friends? I realised that it’s kindness. These women will encourage and support each other, Many raise families while running businesses and yet still find time to support others and I think this is pretty impressive.

Not all the women I know and love run businesses, but they are equally strong and impressive. There is of course my mum, Jennie, who not only did the awesome act of growing ME from an egg and a seed, she raised me to be the person I am now. She also raised a fair few other children, not least my siblings, but also my “extended family” of foster siblings.

There is my big sister, Tania, who is strong, brave, kind and clever. I think school made her feel like she wasn’t clever, but she is. She has worked hard in her career (while raising two lovely boys) and now trains people and I hear she’s really good at it. I’m so proud of her.

I have to mention my best and oldest friend Lynsey. She is also clever, creative and lovely. She is the person I can call day or night and know she will always be there for me. She is raising a daughter while living with M.E. Her strength amazes me constantly. I can also make her laugh until tea comes out of her nose so it’s all good there.

I have the pleasure of being friends with Jay Emme, Ninja Photographer and all round awesome woman. Someone who has built up her own business while raising two lovely boys and who has given me advice and support with my own plans to take up photography. She took our wedding photos and I love them, I love that she took them, when I look at them they make me smile.

I realise as I work through this list I know too many amazing women to mention. There are some I basically stalked until they agreed to be my friend (I’m looking at Lily at this moment, the most inspiring Forest School person I know), then there are other Forest School people like Alex who is equally loved my me and my boys.

Since settling in Sheffield and starting to home ed I’ve got to know Fi, who runs Daisy birthing classes here and is endlessly kind and supportive. There are so many home ed mums that I see and as I get to know their stories I realise what strong, independent and amazing women I have in my life and I knowI am so blessed. I am making new friends along the way like Bea, and I see there is room in my heart for more people and that is a wonderful thing.

As I write this and think about all my friends close by and far away I see I am fortunate to have this amazing network of women in my life who love and support me. I know I can call on them if I need them. I can’t write everyone down here and I love that I know the ones that will whatsapp me at say “where was my mention bitch?” and I bloody love them for this. I hope they know that they can call on me too, I may not always be able to offer any practical help but I’m happy to listen.

I won’t even start on all the bloggers I know, especially the ones that campaign, I would be here all night. You know who you are and please know that I love you dearly.

There is no particular reason for this post, except to say, you are all amazing. You are all beautiful inside and out. And I am so proud to call you my friends. Thank you.

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