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About Mashyable

Welcome to Mashyable – A Blog for everyone by a dedicated & passionate blogger.

It is a community of friends who are here to learn new tips and make them learn more about the topics in trend and enjoy the life in a real way.

How Mashyable was started?

This idea to start a blog with full information regarding any field came in my mind a month ago. As soon as I get the idea I started collecting the information and informing my friends about it. Every time I use to discuss about the plan to start such great blog. Finally on 18th of August 2015 i registered this domain.

What Mashyable is?

Friends Mashyable is answer to all your rising questions regarding:

  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Beauty
  • Media
  • Health
  • Recipes
  • Automobiles
  • Fitness
  • Gadgets
  • Mobile
  • Quotes
  • Events
  • Images and wallpapers
  • Lifestyle

Hey! This Is Me Ramanjit Singh

Hii! Friends,

My name is Ramanjit Singh, I am the mind behind I started blogging in 2014 and academic wise I am a Mechanical Engineer. One of my friends told me about blogging. And right from that day I started learning about it, with time I gained a lot and now ready to share all my views and ideas with you all.

Support from Friends –

With me I am having a team of some more friends with me who are also helping you about getting the updates. They are –

  • Himanshu Chauhan
  • Miljot Singh Maan

Anyways friends, hope you will enjoy the stuff on Mashyable. Stay tuned to Us.