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7 Ways to style hair women’s special | Must for every girl to know

Its been compulsory for every girl there to know about these unique 7 ways to style women’s hair in less than 5 minutes. Yes, you heard it right! Amazed Hann??

Don’t worry below we have discussed with you each and every style in detail. We will have a look, But before having a look let’s discuss the need. Discussing the need for these 7 unique ways to style women’s hair special for every girl to know is amazing.

What is the need for these 7 Ways to style hair women’s special

  • Of course to look attractive and most appealing
  • To get the eyes of your admirer stuck on to you
  • This will definitely help you to get ready for you normal daily routine
  • Makes you look amazingly hot!!!
  • TO get you Ex. Back, HAHAH! Yes it works…

Now let us without wasting much time have a look on the styles to have unique looking hair styles.

Unique 7 ways to style hair, women’s special & how it is important for every girl to know about it . . .

1 –  Trim you bangs easily at home, just like Professionals –

Yes girls, instead of giving so much of bucks to saloons you can just trim your bangs at home. Remember after every coming 5th or 6th week don’t forget to trim your bangs. You can also get these bangs trimmed free from saloons but prefer doing yourself.

This you have to do just when your hair is dry. What you need to have is professional scissors and just do it yourself.

2 – How to shampoo your hair properly in easy way –

Shampooing is not a task which can be taken lightly. Be serious about it. Earlier i was talking it much lightly but realised the importance later. Earlier my hair was oily, even after shampooing them. But now giving it all a proper time and doing the right way using the right conditioner for perfect duration it gives a great result.

What you have to do is, just put shampoo first, and scrub your scalp properly for 8 to 10 minutes thoroughly and remember don’t forget to repeat this step. Earlier i use to scrub just for10 seconds and rinse it off. It was a blunder mistake. Remember don’t do it. After it remember to use conditioner, again rub your scalp and rinse it off after 10 to 11 minutes. Then observe the results. WOWWW effect!

3 – What to do in the middle days, between washing your hair next time

Friends the best way in the middle time is to use dry shampoo. You can use oil to make the little healthier but dry shampoo will make a miracle and observe the wonder. What you have to do is to spray it in your hair roots, and crown just like a greasy texture it will give, a great look. Just make sure you apply it in a correct way.

4 – Dry the hair like a professional stylist

Drying your hair is really easy. What you all need to have is the right dryer, and learn the right technique to use the dryer in a right way. Once you got the right way just go for 20 to 18minutes and get a great fluffy looking awesome hair easily just like a pro style.

5 – Blow dry your bangs, looks amazingly superb hot!

As we have already seen the bangs trimming duration, the right difference between them, now after shampoo it would be damn awesome idea if you get them blow dry instead of a stick look. It will look amazingly hot! Don’t brush your bangs directly, just blow them p to dryness and style your way.

6 –  What is the Right way to apply any product of your hair ? ? ?

There are more than thousands of hair products available in market for your hair, But until you get the right way to apply them, there is no use. Just get the right way, and you will observe those hot look of your hair that you never have seen earlier. It would be better to get them in a bottle and get sprayed on them and dry them using blower.

7 – Wanna know the way to colour your own hair easily ?

I have seen many of girls getting their hair color and paying a huge amounts to the saloon. But this all is waste of money when you can do this right at your home on your own. Getting two shades on your hair can easily be done by oneself. But going for much more tricky and stylish look, do get help of your friend or sister and just do it onn..

These were some of the great 7 Ways to style hair women’s special that must be known to every girl. If you liked these ideas then do share this with all your friends and do subscribe to our mashy updates on such beauty topics just for you.

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