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3 Simple Face Yoga Tips, Make Face Look Slim Attractive

Face looking round? Wanna make it look slim and attractive? Don’t you worry now here you will have the best 3 simple face yoga tips which will definitely help you out in making your face look slim and attractive. We all know that with age, many of us keep putting more and more make up to look attractive and beautiful. Making up your facial looks is just a sign of your worry towards facial views. With age one also becomes worried about the dark circles, eye forming bags under them, wrinkles, small lines around the face these all start making such a beautiful face ruined. Fortunately here we are having some great and simple face yoga tips to get these problems fixed. For this face yoga tip there is no need for the expensive facial treatments and no need to spend money. Here in face yoga what is required is your time and hard-work with your passion and discipline to what you do.

The solution to these problems is there inside your face. That is your facial muscles. What you have to do is to train your face muscles. With all these you can easily get rid of the facial bags below your beautiful eyes. Doing these exercise your face will gain strength and will become more bold and come into proper shape giving you a great and attractive look.

Face yoga is connected to training your facial muscles and enable you to get off from the undesired present problems like bags below the eyes. Lest break the suspense of the simple yoga tips for face and get you to the surprise.

3 Simple Face Yoga Tips in detail

Below we have shown you the Yoga exercises, make sure that for the best results do repeat the exercise twice a day. Let’s have a look

Make the eyes and mouth surrounding are much trained by posing muscles

  • Letter O Exercise – In this round your lips and make facial expressions as if you are pronouncing English alphabet O
  • Simultaneously when you are posing the letter O shape then make the area below the nose get stretched by looking upwards.
  • Hold on this position for approximately 8 to 10 seconds and relax.
  • Repeat this for 2 to 3 Times. Breath normally and relax your face while posing.

Getting Rid Of Edema By Posing this Circulation Improving Exercise

  • This is really interesting exercise for your tongue, in this what you have to do is wide open your mouth ad bring the tongue out as far as you can towards your chin.
  • Now hold the position and wide open your eyes looking up and holding for same 8 to 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the same as we did earlier in previous facial exercise.
  • Bringing the tongue out and holding enables the pancreatic gland work more efficiently and makes a great impact on the ageing effect.

Faial Exercise to make the Jawline look more attractive and appealing, Must for every girl

  • Take out the tongue and take the tip of it upwards. As far as possible for you to do it.
  • Now move your head upwards till your neck and lower jaw comes in a straight line.
  • As you reach this pose, hold on same for 8 to 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the same for 2 to 3 times according to your comfort level.

Make sure, when you begin this schedule, do the face yoga next day at the same time to make you face muscles get in routine and need for the exercise. It is really great and will surely help you out.

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