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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Dr Joanna Helcke (Interview & Review)

Dr Joanna Helcke very kindly gave me access to her fitness programme after the baby was born, the exercises are ideal for postnatal women and the programme has been carefully designed for this purpose. Joanna took some time to answer some questions for me, I

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Home Ed Ups and Downs

We’ve got out of our routine over the past couple of weeks while our car has been broken down. This morning I was trying to get them all ready to head out to the home ed playgroup we go to and none of them were

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How to have a baby…

I heard that Kirsty of Eeh Bah Mum blog had written a book about having babies so was keen to have a read, Kirsty’s blog is wonderful and funny and makes you nod along in recognition and I hoped the book would be the same. I

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Living with ACC

I thought I would give an update on how my toddler is doing as he has just seen the neurologist for his 2 year check. He was diagnosed with the condition Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum (ACC) when I was pregnant and we were given

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Quite the hippy

When I was a teenager I would definitely have been described as a hippy, I had long hair and liked to sit in fields where I would pretend to meditate. My best friend and I went on walks to highlight the plight of the planet,

Using the Konmari Method

When we decided that we wanted to live on a boat we knew we’d have to do something about our hoarding habits. We were moving to slightly bigger houses each time we moved and accumulating more stuff. You’d think that having moved so often would

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Did You Feel It?

There is so much in mothering that you’re “supposed” to feel and if it is anything other than expected then it’s as though you are unusual. When your own experience doesn’t fit the norm it can be worrying and make you question yourself, so today